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Things you may not wanna know....

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So, this is it, huh?

Alright, here it is, my weblog, my online journal. I've always wanted to keep a journal anyway, now I have a reason.
So, what do I expect from this journal? I'd say alot of grammatical errors, random thoughts, and maybe, if we are lucky, moments of inspiration.
Its currently 3:56am and I'm awake... why, I have no idea.
I am really stinkin excited about the demo we are gonna be doing this month. This is something I've waited for, for about 4 years now, long before RPR.
Alright, I have to end ths entry suddenly, cause I now have to do all the editing on this site so I can publish it, and you folks can read it. Whch by now I have already done, which is why you are able to read it now... It's like we are in a time machine...