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No More Goodbyes?

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Well, it isnt totally a goodbye, but sad enough. Larry is leaving RPR as our bassist. When I initially started writing music for this band, Larry was the first I wanted to work with, and then, even before we started as a band, he and I were writing together.

Thats why I think it is fitting that we continue writing together, its very natural, and though he wont be on stage, he is still very much a part of RPR.

In choosing anyone for the band, we always went with friends first, because thats very important to me, is that the band has fun. Maleko and Norman are both friends, and thats what makes us good for each other. I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous looking for a replacement for Larry. Fortunately we have a close friend of the band, Terrance, that will fill in for us until we find a permanent replacement.

This next show will be Larry's last. Another chapter in the Rocket Powered Story is coming to a close.....

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