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That is the best way I can describe Duvall, wow. These guy were really nice guys, excellent musicians and really great songwriters. Everything and anything you can ask from a band. I am now officially a Duvall fan.
So, last night I drive away from Jack Rabbits at about, oh, 12:32 am and I think to myself "I've gotta find Club Endo Exo so I can give directions to this place." After getting to the club, going and talking to Kevin, the owner about how Saturday will go down, I drove around in different directions to be totally familiar with the area. Then I drive home. It's about, oh, 1:35 am, and after a hard night of rocking (I broke a string that i just put on the guitar yesterday morning to avoid this very problem) i had to shower. Then I nibbled on leftover KFC. I lay down last night right after 2, oh, around 2:13 or so....
Did I mention as I type to you at the very moment it is 6:10 am and I have to work 9 1/2 hours today??
Good morning, or night, or whatever it is....

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