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Charley's Everywhere!!

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So, I didn't get the journal done on July 7th... Sorry. I know you must be devistated, or maybe like hurt a little...

Well, its 5:34am and Hurricane Charley is coming over tonight. Looks like it may or may not be a hurrican when it hits my home, but who knows. I live in macclenny (approx 30 miles west of jax) and the news just showed we expect 75 mph winds outside of my front door... There are about 40-50 pine trees in my yard... crap

In other stuff, we have 3 or 4 new songs we are working on either finishing or fixing. We have no shows this month cause we wanna rip em out on our next show. I am very happy indeed with the new songs. One is called "3 hearts, 2 hands" and the others are still as of yet untitled.

Lasylt, if you have found a copy of our demo in a store, on your windshield, or in a public trash can, email me and let me know what you think. The vocals arent what wish they were, but for $200, we got a pretty good recording. Love you all, and dont play with matches... bye

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