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Sick Boy

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That's one thing I've been called.... here are a few other things said about my so called "obsession"

"I told him I'd divorce him if he got the mxpx tattoo. I guess he called my bluff." Haley (wife)

"I met Jason four years ago at work and he had several mxpx posters on his desk. After talking to him, i tried the band out. Since then I have seen mxpx 4 times and Jason took me back stage for 2 meet and greets. I am forever a fan!" Marcus

"Ok, so now and again Jason talks about the band a little too much. But I see he really cares about them, and that is cool to me." Larry

"When he told me Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo was the greatest album of all time, I didn't believe him. It turns out he just may have been right!" Chris

"The day I saw Jason sing onstage with mxpx was the happiest I'd ever seen him. I can see why Mike told the sound guy to turn Jason's mic up." Andrew