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Can't See Not Saying

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This is my final plea. I have been a fan for years now. On a normal day I devote much of my time to either the Fan Club message boards, listening to cds, or talking to someone about mxpx. People have called me "dumb", "immature", "childish", "obsessed" and "crazy". This is the reaction to my tattoo alone. The question I always get is "Why would you get a band tattooed on you?" And my answer is always the same "MxPx has inspired me in many ways. They are the reason I play music today, but even more than that, they helped me grow up."

A 23 year old guy wearing a fan club shirt also gets a few snickers, but that's ok by me. Its just another chance for me to spread the word.

Its hard to put into words what I really feel about this band. What I have done for the band, and what I would do. I just hope that the sincerity I have somehow shows. I love this band, and to be the MxPx Fan Of The Year, that would mean more than anything to me. Thank You

PS... Did I mention I could really use the guitar????